Linear Algebra Involved Given, the data set X(mxn matrix) where m is the number of measurement types and n is the number of samples.Mathematically ,the goal is to find some orthonormal matrix P in Y=PX such that  is a diagonal matrix.The rows of P are the principal components of X. Let’s state some elementary linear […]

*The goal of this tutorial is to both provide an intuitive feel for PCA, and a thorough discussion of  this topic. INTRODUCTION  AND INTUITION Principal Component Analysis is a standard tool in modern data analysis in diverse fields from neuroscience to computer graphics because it’s a simple, non parametric method for extracting relevant information from confusing […]

This is undoubtedly one of the best explanation of higgs boson discovery I have seen so far.With this discovery, Large Hadron Collider has accomplished its primary mission of confirming the existence of the hypothesised and heretofore elusive subatomic particle, the Higgs Boson. Higgs Boson discovery was probably the biggest news in the Physics world in […]

Came across this answer by an anonymous user on Quora and probably couldn’t have been answered in a better way. You can answer many seemingly difficult questions quickly.                                   But you are not very impressed by what can look like […]

This is a power point presentation I created on relativity back in college. It’s not perfect but something I really enjoyed doing. Relativity in a Nutshell.